Laisenia Qarase Quotes

5 Laisenia Qarase quotes:

"Fijians do not seek permanency as an expression of racial superiority. Their motivation is to ensure the survival of a small and distinct race,"
Author: Qarase Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"Our latest estimate and time frames for new elections is three years,"
Author: Qarase Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"I had tried my best to bring in representatives of the Indian community, but fear for the safety of their families has been a real inhibiting factor,"
Author: Qarase Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"For them to set up a self-proclaimed government would be a direct challenge to the executive authority of the president,"
Author: Qarase Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"If they persist with it, they will be dealt with according to law,"
Author: Qarase Quotes Category: Law Quotes

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