Gavin Newsom Quotes

5 Gavin Newsom quotes:

"This is real. This is about basic, fundamental rights. It's about laying a foundation of equality for everybody, and he missed a golden opportunity to stand on history and to do something that is noble and appropriate. By no means was this a profile in courage. What a wasted moment for his administration."
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"I think we're on firm legal footing and legal grounds, and certainly I believe very strongly and passionately we're on the right moral ground, ... Late Edition."
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"a chance to see its beauty with their own eyes."
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"The bottom line is I recommended that Tony Hall be appointed to the Treasure Island authority, ... Clearly, I made a mistake, and I take responsibility for that mistake, and I'm accountable for that mistake. Period."
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"Michael Johnson and Fillmore Development Associates have shown tremendous persistence and passion for this neighborhood and the opportunity to bring back an important part of San Francisco's cultural heritage,"
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