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"The governor feels just as strongly now as she did when this issue came up last year. The federal government needs to properly fund Amtrak. Raising the fees is simply an effort to offset federal cuts, which is not fair to the states."
"As a parent, Gov. Rell is well aware of the risks, temptations and peer pressure on campus, especially for college freshmen. One of the goals of this initiative is a better support network for these students."
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"The governor appreciates the General Assembly's efforts to help clarify her authority over the flag for this purpose."
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"This simple, straightforward tax cut would directly benefit Franklin Farms and every other Connecticut company, not to mention every consumer, but the majority party ignored the governor's proposal."
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"I would say the governor is not giving up. She's aware that Winchester is one of the most respected and valuable brands in the world, and she is continuing to work to make sure that every avenue is explored to try to save this great company and keep these jobs in Connecticut."
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