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13 Joel Sawyer quotes:

"We would certainly be concerned about yet another expansion in the state's higher education system at a time when parents and students are experiencing double-digit tuition increases."
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"We believe it's an incredibly important step toward creating an education system in South Carolina that recognizes the diversity in children and the diversity in learning styles that exist."
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"When Dan Cooper puts together a budget that shatters state spending records, I can understand why he's sensitive about someone looking over his shoulder. But Gov. Sanford's job is to look out for the hard-working taxpayers of this state, and that's always going to be his top priority."
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"That doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense given this year's budget situation."
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"We don't believe the House plan represents a true spending limit. This budget is completely at odds with what the House indicated we could expect."
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"The governor doesn't believe that people should be rewarded for illegal behavior. But the resolution is unnecessary."
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"To create an entirely new division and place it somewhere other than the State Housing Authority runs completely counter to what we've been talking about for the better part of four years, which is government restructuring and government efficiency."
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"One of the biggest things we can get out of it is finding out what stakeholders expect from state government."
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"You can have one budget that grows government at 10 percent or break the budget into three different bills, but the bottom line is this does not seem to be in keeping with the notion of a true spending limit."
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"Whether you have one bill that grows government at 10.9 percent or try to spread the spending over three different bills, this is still not consistent with the House's previous statement on the need for a true spending cap. We don't understand why some in the House now appear to not be willing to live within the cap they've already passed on themselves."
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"The purpose is for the governor to get some feedback from folks in the area about what they'd like to see happen with this land going forward."
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"We are going to work with law enforcement in whatever way we can. This is an incredibly important safety and quality of life issue. In the process of assisting Katrina evacuees, we want to make sure the laws are followed in this state."
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"The governor see this as an once in a lifetime opportunity to redevelop the port, but he wants to make sure there is balance between development and quality of life."
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