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Brian Bruce Quotes

7 Brian Bruce quotes:

"There's so many problems there, he's got to think that he's got an answer and that he can influence the company or that they'll just pay him to go away. You're not buying this because you think management has a good handle on what they're doing."
Author: Bruce Quotes Category: Influence Quotes
"The GM board is clearly under pressure from York, who is the most significant voice for the shareholders. The board needs to make changes soon, starting with cutting the dividend."
Author: Bruce Quotes Category: Scholars And Scholarship Quotes Committees And Meetings Quotes
"We are working with the authorities... it is a complex issue of legal processes... not only do the bodies have to be legally released from Bahrain, but there has to be someone in the country its being flown to, to accept it."
Author: Bruce Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"Until GM stops losing money in their core business, I wouldn't characterize them as being in recovery."
Author: Bruce Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"Strong product continues to drive DaimlerChrysler past General Motors and Ford. DaimlerChrysler has a better underlying business. Their product is desirable and saleable. It's not surprising that they are doing well."
Author: Bruce Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"When you're not being successful, you need to make changes. Let's hope it has some bite to it, that it's not window dressing."
Author: Bruce Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"(The husband) Stephen Grady was 42-years-old and a finishes manager on the World Trade Centre project in Bahrain. He joined the Murray and Roberts team on this project only four weeks ago."
Author: Bruce Quotes Category: Trade Quotes

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