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"If nothing is done to ensure the press is free to do its work, these elections will take place in a climate of intimidation. If the government wants the world to say the elections were free, fair and transparent, it should heed our call for a change in attitude. The Media Centre recently set up to monitor and punish the foreign press is utterly illegitimate and should be disbanded."
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"The Canadian government is following the bad example set by the U.S. administration if it thinks it can hide the facts from the population. Respect for the grief of the families is of course necessary, but it should not be used as a pretext that is tantamount to censorship."
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"The current serious crisis in Sri Lanka in no way justifies the impunity prevailing in the murders of journalists and human rights activists."
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"In the Zhao Yan and Ching Cheong cases, the authorities, and in particular the State Security Department, seem to be having the greatest difficulty in demonstrating the guilt of the accused."
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"The security services should not be obstructing the work of the independent and opposition media in this fashion, as it is contrary to the pledges which the government gave in its recent road map to democracy."
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"These comments come under the heading of freedom of expression and we consider that you cannot condemn someone simply on the basis of their statements."
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"We call on the authorities and the security forces to stop all violence against journalists, who are currently finding it impossible to work."
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"With this disproportionate sentence ... the judges are clearly trying to silence the journal."
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"The judicial authorities are imposing a grim ordeal on three journalists under pressure from the governor of an unstable state. The Nigerian press is still in the grip of harsh legislation, a brutal police force and authoritarian governors. On this New Year's Eve, we call for their release and we reiterate our commitment to the independent press and, in particular, to the three Port Harcourt prisoners who are exposed to dangerous challenges."
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"We are very concerned at the accusations against them and the harsh sentence proposed. The circumstances of their arrest are very confused and do not clearly establish their guilt. The legal authorities must make every effort to determine the origin of the firebombs, the only evidence against them. The judge has hastily declared the matter secret and is blocking all openness."
"We fear this 'obstruction of justice' procedure is a judicial device for the government to yet again settle some scores with the privately-owned media and at the same time subject them to state censorship."
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"History is repeating itself because the calls for military protection for the state media were not heeded. Côte d'Ivoire's state media have again fallen into the hands of the proponents of violence, and no time should be lost in taking energetic measures. The installations of RTI and RCI should be made secure or, failing that, they should be taken off the air."
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"Now we know Yahoo works regularly and efficiently with the Chinese police."
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"Once again, the daily Epoch Times is the target of vandalism in very disturbing circumstances."
"Journalism is based on a code of conduct and professional ethics that clearly exclude telephone espionage but the concept of express permission of the parties could be used unfairly against the media if, for example, a source later retracts."
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"The judicial system must guarantee journalists the right to protect their sources so that they can work freely. The government must include journalists in the list of professions that enjoy the right to professional secrecy under the law."
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"The list of detained journalists is getting longer. The Gambian government does what it likes, without any pretense of legality. How far will it be able to go before it has to face a real protest from the member states of the African Union, whose next summit Gambia is supposed to host?"
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"All the world's leaders are subject to parody and the Australian prime minister should learn to live with it rather than banning it."

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