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"Some foreign countries fear Taiwan is changing the status quo because they have insufficient information."
Author: Lu Quotes Category: Fear Quotes
"Taiwan's way of filling in its diplomatic relations is to offer cooperation in human resources, public construction, and fisheries and agriculture within the limits of its capabilities. Each project can withstand public scrutiny."
Author: Lu Quotes Category: Cooperation Quotes
"For quite a long time bilateral relations have been excellent. Bilateral cooperation projects are going on all the time with remarkable results that have the approval of the people and leaders."
Author: Lu Quotes Category: Cooperation Quotes
"Philippine authorities have told the ministry that no naval and coast guard vessels were in those waters when the incident occurred."
Author: Lu Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"We didn't receive such kind of information. We will continue our communications with the U.S.."
Author: Lu Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"The United States supports our participation in the World Health Assembly."
Author: Lu Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"We respect the way the money...is used...but surveillance would not just be good for local people but also for Taiwan too."
Author: Lu Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"This is not final. We are still in the phase of reviewing the issue in question and seeking opinions from all sides. We'll continue to strengthen our communications with Washington on this issue."
Author: Lu Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"Both sides should try to clarify what happened and take measures to improve on their mistakes."
Author: Lu Quotes Category: Mistakes Quotes

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