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Drew Matus Quotes

9 Drew Matus quotes:

"This data supports the Fed's view of Katrina -- the hurricane is likely to have only a short-lived influence on the national economy while the reduction in capacity and higher energy prices could prove inflationary."
Author: Matus Quotes Category: Influence Quotes
"The overall number does suggest modest amounts of strength, but nothing necessarily that gets me too excited."
Author: Matus Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"With this kind of income growth, the consumer has room to run. This tells us we don't need to worry about the first quarter."
Author: Matus Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"The labor market is hot and getting hotter, and that is one of the reasons the Fed continues to raise rates."
Author: Matus Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"The prices received number tells us that basically some firms are gaining pricing power. What that really means is there could be inflation in the outlook."
Author: Matus Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"Don Kohn is the closest thing to a Greenspan clone that modern science has produced."
Author: Matus Quotes Category: Science Quotes
"On a real basis the trade deficit widened by over $1.7 billion for the month and places the trade balance on a trajectory that would likely reduce fourth-quarter GDP growth by more than 0.5 percent."
Author: Matus Quotes Category: Trade Quotes
"We expect a balanced speech that reaffirms that a March hike is likely, but that subsequent moves are data-dependent."
Author: Matus Quotes Category: Speech Quotes
"Despite the modest decline, the other indices released within this report suggest more strength than does the headline."
Author: Matus Quotes Category: Strength Quotes

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