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"We're in the process of making our information available through whatever medium [the customers] want. Whether it's pagers, cell phones, Palm 7, or whatever. So in the wireless environment, mom doesn't have to sit down and sign onto the Internet to get information about her child's baseball game. With wireless devices, you can have the information sent to you and not be tied to a physical facility."
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"As I incrementally add servers horizontally to a load-balanced environment, the price for additional capacity is less. If I add one server for $10,000 versus one for $25,000 or $50,000, it makes a difference."
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"In the autumn there are more choices for him,"
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"Since we are a very image-intensive delivery mechanism, Linux will be the platform of choice for serving up all those images. We believe we have enough capacity to meet the industry standard of eight seconds of delivery time up to around 30 million page views per day."
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