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Barry Gebhart Quotes

8 Barry Gebhart quotes:

"We'll stay with our normal routine. There won't be much of a difference in our practice schedule. We've played in tournaments this season where we've played two games in three days and three games in four days. This week will mimic the state tournament later this year."
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"I've been told that if we get them on the wrong night, and they are shooting well, then we'll get their best shot. It seems like we always get everybody's best shot."
Author: Gebhart Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"I thank the parents for sending me the finished product. These guys were truly ambassadors for our program. I can't tell you how many teachers have told me what a great group they've been in the classroom. That same attitude that made them successful in the classroom made them a success on the court."
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"It would be nice if everything always came up roses in life and you were the Cinderella story all the time, but sometimes you're on the other side of the coin. It's our fate tonight to be in that role."
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"We did a great job on the glass, blocking out and going to get the ball."
"I had so many options on this team to work with. I said to myself so many times, if maybe I did this or that we could've won. We were in every game this season. The most we lost by was 5 points, and that was in overtime."
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"He's always under control, both physically and mentally. He just knows what he's doing and knows what needs to be done at all times. That's what you want from a point guard, because its hard for a team to stay under control when its point guard isn't."
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"There's no doubt our goal was to make it back to Little Rock and to win state. But it's much easier to be the Cinderella team than to be the team with a target on your chest. Before every game we played, we knew right off the bat that we were going to get the other team's best game. Over the course of a 30-game season, that starts to wear on you."
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