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"This relationship has lasted a long time, and I hate that it has to end,"
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"Kyle and I are similar in a lot of things we do. It's kind of weird."
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"I will always cherish the times at JGR. The only thing that I regret is that we didn't win more races and/or championships."
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"It hasn't been a fun start to the season, but it's been a promising start in some form and fashion. We've just got to keep ourselves above water and know we're gaining."
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"I had a few options, but I just thought in my heart this is where I wanted to be, because the trend hadn't been going uphill."
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"We ran a lap in practice that I screwed up on but will still ran a decent lap,"
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"Last week was last week. I've got to remember that. What we did last week was good for our race team, but we've got to keep doing that. ...We went to Bristol with a fast enough car where we could have won. ...We think we can do more. We've just got to go prove it. You can't just sit here and talk about it."
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"I see a lot of good opportunities there. They're not lacking like some people might think."
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"I think we think alike. We drive similar setups, I think. It feel like it's the coolest opportunity."
"You've got to be with a team that's hungry, that's on the edge, and confidence plays a big role as far as the driver goes. And I think the group is as hungry as everyone else out there. I feel we got things in the right place."
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"I had fun, but I would have had more fun if we'd finished better. The cool box hit the master switch early in the race. I had to take the belts off to reach the switch, and I didn't want to do that at speed. Can you blame me? I spun and it took me awhile to get going again because I had to unbuckle and buckle the belts back up. It didn't happen to me again, but it happened to Roberto (Moreno) too. We would have been OK without that problem. I wasn't even going to lose a position with the spin. The car was understeering, but it was OK. The tires and brakes were good."
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"I actually haven't run good at Atlanta in the past three trips. So is this going to rejuvenate it? I hope it is, and I feel confident it will."
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"I'm proud to have GlaxoSmithKline as one of my sponsors for the Sony HD 500. Raising awareness about asthma control is very important to me because I've suffered from asthma since I was a child. Taking care of my asthma through physician care and treatment has helped me manage my asthma more effectively."
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"That's a pretty neat deal. We've had fun running the Rolex races this season and it looks like we'll be teammates a few times on the Cup side this year as well. We're hoping to finish our Rolex season pretty strong. We've had a lot of fun and those cars are so much fun to drive. It should be fun."
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"The guys on the Interstate Batteries Chevrolet did a good job today. We just worked on race setup in the first practice, and then we worked n qualifying setup in the second practice, so I am pretty happy with our efforts."
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"Tony Stewart has been a great teammate and friend for the past several years and is one of the best drivers that has come along in a long time. I wish him continued success and will always cherish our friendship."
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"It is exciting. It is real meaningful if you are in Victory Lane with it. That is what we want to do. There are only a handful of cars that have that kind of meaning to it. Richard's car is one of them. But it isn't going to mean nearly as much unless you do something with it."
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