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16 Brian France quotes:

"They took their time understanding NASCAR's culture and goals and objectives of how we operated."
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"We just need to find a market in Canada that works. We know we have a tremendous fan base up there."
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"Many of the cars are made here in the U.S., and they're very much in the fabric of the culture here today, Any American make ....."
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"Baseball's Hall of Fame wasn't located in a major metropolitan area, and they've struggled."
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"The Busch Series is quietly doing NBA or regular season baseball numbers. It's wearing out other sports. Busch will never be the Cup series, but we would like the new agreement for that to be a franchise of its own, treated with promotion and announcers that differentiate that series a little better as we go down the road."
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"This move provides for even more intense competition on the track between drivers and manufacturers, which will provide more excitement and fan interest."
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"I am going to spend a lot more time on our competition side, so I am going to be here a lot more. It's just an easier place for me to spend time."
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"Wins are wins, and they're certainly looked at. Would we do something a little more for the wins five, 10 more points? I don't know. You've got to have consistency, too."
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"We are going to have a greater urban impact. Anytime you can create awareness, it stands to create interest."
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"I think it's going to go down as an important point in our history. And I know they're (BEGIN BRACKET) Toyota (END BRACKET) looking at it from a long-term view."
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"We hear ideas all the time that we could consider."
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"It would be OK (for a champion not to win a race), although I think it's very unlikely. I would be shocked if the winner goes through the final 10 and doesn't win a race."
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"Toyota has proven in the truck series it can be a great partner. They have proven they can build relationships with team owners and enhance the competition."
"More teams should have the opportunity to show their stuff and not be victims of how much money [big teams] have."
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"You've got a lot of new platforms that are clamoring for high-end sports content."
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"We have to be, and we will be, a performance-based series. You have to perform. You know what, the drivers ... don't want to limp in on a fan vote. They want to earn their way in or not earn their way in."
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