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Michael Gartenberg Quotes

8 Michael Gartenberg quotes:

"No doubt, I'm sure, the senior executives at Microsoft were pretty upset (with the latest Vista delay). Steven has a track record of shipping products (and he can) potentially take the reins and get the thing out the door and fix whatever process problems there are."
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"The experience isn't going to be radically different for the Apple user after this. There will be some adjustment, some tweaks here and there, but it is not going to be a dramatically different experience."
"The technology to build these is fairly simple. It doesn't require advanced development techniques."
"When Steve Jobs says, 'One More Thing,' a catchphrase almost as familiar as the turtleneck and jeans, that's usually when the other shoe drops, when the bombshell hits. People are parsing the invitation the same way they're searching 'Lost' for new meanings and nuance."
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"The pricing model seems to be somewhat questionable here. People will ask why they need to spend that much money for a box."
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"This indicates Microsoft's long-term commitment to this (field). Certainly they're not content with their position in the marketplace."
"This blitz is a reminder of the fact that while enterprises are extremely important to the company, HP has not lost the focus on things that it excels at. The consumer market can be very lucrative as consumers move beyond using their PCs just for e-mail and word processing."
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"We've seen growing awareness of this notion of connectivity. And we'll continue to see this going forward in 2006."

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