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Philip Hoffman Quotes

9 Philip Hoffman quotes:

"You know, I literally lost all control of my bowels up there. I couldn't think. I was swimming in my head. So I was lucky to get out what I got out."
Author: Hoffman Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"I was given the best part of my life, basically, and I know that."
Author: Hoffman Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"You're not dealing with the difficult debates and questions of our society. There's something about it that's really refreshing, especially after 'Capote.'"
Author: Hoffman Quotes Category: Society Quotes
"When I was playing him, ... I had to believe that it was worth it — that he was doing what he was doing for the greater good. But maybe there were two crimes committed in this: the murders and what Capote did."
Author: Hoffman Quotes Category: Worth Quotes
"a self-awareness moment. All of a sudden everything he has done comes flashing into his mind, a self-criticism that is unbearable."
Author: Hoffman Quotes Category: Awareness Quotes
"I did have hesitations and just knew that if I made the story the main character and really worked on that to fulfill it in a very personal and soulful way, that all the technical stuff about playing him would become secondary for people watching the movie."
Author: Hoffman Quotes Category: Character Quotes
"I work constantly but I work at a lot of different things. You know, I run a theater company in New York, I direct plays, act in plays, in movies, so I try to keep it eclectic."
Author: Hoffman Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"That technical stuff is really practice. It's not some magical thing. It's hard work, like an athlete, in a way. You just have to practice how to embody this character. If I'm playing a character who isn't like I am, it can take months and months."
Author: Hoffman Quotes Category: Hard Work Quotes
"The movie is about knowing that somebody has lost his soul out there, somebody has destroyed a part of himself. ... The minute he saw Perry Smith, the outcome was inevitable that two men would die -- one literally and the other figuratively."
Author: Hoffman Quotes Category: Soul Quotes

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