Ashley Judd Quotes

3 Ashley Judd quotes:

"It's up to us to take pop culture back and to express quality and dignity for both boys and girls."
Author: Judd Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"You have so much power to bring awareness, prevention and change."
Author: Judd Quotes Category: Awareness Quotes
"Sure, girls from New York, they are tough. And girls from Georgia, they are sweet. But those born and bred feisty Kentucky girls, they are the ones you have to look out for. We have sugar and fire in our blood. We can ride a horse, be a débutante, throw a left hook and tell you the entire UK line up all while making sweet tea. And if we have an opinion, you get to know it. We're both the pride and the downfall of the bluegrass..."
Author: Judd Quotes Category: Pride Quotes

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