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"We do believe we can go on a run. We feel like the Georgia Tech game is going to be really important for us in sustaining that. The win at Virginia can be a great start to that run if we can continue to take advantage of the momentum we have, at Georgia Tech. In essence, though, coming home and playing all but two games at home in the month of February is huge for us. We've built character and we're on solid ground. We feel like we have as much confidence as we've ever had."
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"I thought we had an outstanding practice yesterday. Our players made a commitment to the defensive system and it seemed as though we were clicking on all cylinders...especially in the first half."
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"It is so important for our program to develop awareness that there is life outside of basketball. We want to continue to connect with young people and others in need."
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"The important thing for us, we are not playing the program, but a basketball team. We will work on the types of things we need to do to match up with a very good team."
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"I am really proud of our players because there has been a lot of hard work on their part. The thing I'm really excited about is we will be playing on neutral courts. It was a tough route going up to Connecticut last season. We can deal with altitude but it's a lot more difficult to go out and play on a home court. Louisiana Tech is a great team. I know Chris Long well and he has done a great job as a first-year coach. It will be a tough one out there but it's something we will look forward to. We know we have to go out to Denver and take care of business. We can only take it one game at a time and we won't look past anything."
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"I may regret sleeping in a tent come Sunday, but it's all being done in good spirits and I'm thrilled to do anything to help us fill the Tucker Center for this very special game."
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"In the stages of growing and developing that teamwork and trust for each other on the defensive end of the floor, you have to help them believe that you're going to get there. It's not just the (wins). They can see the results in different possessions. And as they gain confidence possession by possession, they see themselves beating good teams."
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"I think it is really important if you have any kind of vision for going to the championship game of the tournament because four days, four games is a very difficult task. It's been done, but at the same time, it's a lot easier if you have the chance to play three back-to-back games instead so I'm very proud of my team for finishing in the top four in the ACC."
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"The Georgia Tech game was physical but I think the rest of our conference schedule is going to be the same way. NC State comes in a very physical basketball team. We're going to have to really work to get to the point of screens even and make our cuts like we want to be able to do. Obviously the ACC is a conference that really does prepare you for March."
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"The thing I love most about Florida State is the people who support us. It's unbelievable to be at an FSU football game with 80,000 awesome fans. I want my players, who have done so much to elevate our women's basketball program, to experience that special atmosphere...and I'll camp out to rally those same fans to join us on Sunday at 1 p.m.!"
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