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14 Donovan McNabb quotes:

"I was able to recognize some different things. Again, it just goes back to having a comfort level with the guys. We were all on the same page. Greg changed his route a little bit, gave me an opportunity to put it in a position where he could score."
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"It's going to come about. But if we have to keep going through [receiver coach David] Culley? Hey, I'm going to go through every channel I can to make sure we're on the same page. If I need to go through the other receivers, that's exactly what I'll do."
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"I think this is a sign for my teammates. Every individual makes their own decisions. Now, it's up to me to see how they react. They obviously reacted during the season when they wanted (Owens) back."
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"I have to make quicker decisions."
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"Hunger awareness is an important issue in our country that often goes overlooked. I?m honored to partner with a company that holds this issue in such high regard."
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"I know about his work ethic and the way he approaches games,"
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"That's between us. We could have been talking about food in the vending machines or what we eat on the plane."
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"I'm sure he was glad he was our side of the field. I don't think he would have been too happy on their side of the field today. I'm sure he's happy he's 7-0."
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"I don't regret anything that I've done or said, or the way I've handled it, ... We are role models and we are grown men. Things that I've done, I think my teammates understand."
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"This is a type of game that when you talk about the Philadelphia Eagles and the struggle of getting to our goal, and that's the Super Bowl, this would be a great story."
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"It's still sore, ... For days, it was sore to sleep, sore to move around, sore to get up. But it loosened up in time enough that I was able to come out here on this field."
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"Teams are definitely game planning for Brian."
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"I felt he was probably worth more. He felt the need to take less to stay with that team. Each individual guy has to decide what he wants. It's on the player."
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"It's good that I've been in the situation before where I've dealt with pain, I've dealt with soreness, dealt with injuries,"
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