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"It looked like what we pictured from this team at the start of the season. The difference is believing in ourselves. We saw a lot of good signs."
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"All he was interested in was sports and we had a difficult time getting him to read. Little girls have an advantage because there are a lot of books for them at that age to choose from. It's not that great for boys."
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"If you don't have success early, sometimes the momentum can switch over to the penalty killers in a hurry. And they fed off that and the building fed off that. I thought it was tough for us to settle down and relax ... It was a chance to gain momentum and we lost that chance."
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"This guy plays beyond his years. He has poise and awareness with the puck that he certainly doesn't look like a first-year player."
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"That was an amazing turn of events."
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"From our perspective, we're focused on what we need to do to make the team better on a daily basis. We [as coaches] are going to get judged at the end of these 40 games, whether we view it as a permanent job or a temporary job. I don't think there's many permanent jobs in coaching, certainly at this level, anyway. For us, we're treating it as an opportunity and a chance."
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