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Brigitte Boisselier Quotes

6 Brigitte Boisselier quotes:

"Freedom of love is freedom to say yes to many lovers."
Author: Boisselier Quotes Category: Freedom Quotes French Celebrity Quotes
"I hope it's done properly in a very safe way. I'm doing it in the hopes that I can publish that very soon and share this with you."
Author: Boisselier Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"the freedom of scientific inquiry and the freedom to make personal reproduction choices."
Author: Boisselier Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"Every time new technology is introduced, especially involving reproduction, you get the 'yuck' effect."
Author: Boisselier Quotes Category: Technology Quotes French Celebrity Quotes
"The best proof that we can have is probably the grandmother, who said she looked just like the mother,"
Author: Boisselier Quotes Category: Mother Quotes
"The only thing I guarantee is that I want a very healthy baby, and I'll do all I can do so that this very healthy baby is presented to you soon. If it's impossible to do it here, we'll do it abroad, and we'll move on and move on."
Author: Boisselier Quotes Category: Babies Quotes

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