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Larry Thompson Quotes

8 Larry Thompson quotes:

"One of the issues that we are wrestling with in our eight counties is crisis services, and ensuring that crisis services are available. We don't have that in place yet for adults or for kids, but we're working to try to put it in place."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"The conspiracy...allowed Enron to exploit and intensify the California energy crisis and prey on energy consumers at their most vulnerable moment,"
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"will enable our government to assess fully the scope and consequences of Hanssen's activities."
"(Trustees) all say the same thing, it's only a few teachers that are upset. Well, the events of today expose that as mythology."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"Considering the risk I am about to take, I will require a minimum payment of 13 million U.S. dollars. There are many people from movie stars to athletes in the U.S. who receive tens of millions of dollars a year for their trivial contributions,"
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that serious charges have serious consequences. It would be unfortunate if any individual or entity [said] it was so big or so important that it couldn't be indicted."
"We tried different things on defense (in the first half) like traps and pressing. We settled on man-to-man (in the second half) and it seemed to work out for us. Once we settled on one thing, we committed to it and did a nice job on it."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Defense Quotes
"He quit working out, and he quit doing anything. He lost 15 pounds and wasn't ready to play football out there in California. Luckily, he found a way to turn it around or it would have been a waste of talent."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Football Quotes

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