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"Two years ago we were evil hackers. One year ago, depending on who quoted us, we were a mix of hacker group and security site. In the last six months, [we were called a] respected security site."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Evil Quotes
"I think it's a great idea, there are a lot of different cultures in the fire departments throughout the country. It's a neat idea."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"When he follows the court's guidelines that dictate his behavior, he will find himself able to fulfill a handful of jobs, most of which will be manual labor. The first six months of his life will be spent trying to work for near minimum wage, spending half his free time answering questions from media outlets, book writers and more. Not a life I would enjoy."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Behavior Quotes
"The depth in AA is the biggest difference, and the quality of competition is better. There are just so many quality wrestlers in AA."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Competition Quotes
"I'm very proud of what I've done. It's an honor to be here."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Honor Quotes
"Law enforcement was pretty upset with us in the early days. But when we pulled the plug on the site, [they were] upset that we weren't doing it anymore."
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