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Mallory Factor Quotes

6 Mallory Factor quotes:

"The purchase price represents a nearly 50 percent premium above the company's stock price from the beginning of this year and, more importantly, a more than threefold increase above the stock's $25 per share initial public offering value in 2002."
Author: Factor Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"Sarbanes-Oxley costs the American people money. It costs jobs. It costs our competitiveness. It hurts our markets."
Author: Factor Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"The critical goals of solid internal controls and transparent financial reporting are better achieved by a free and unfettered capital market rather than by burdensome regulation. Enforcement efforts should focus on aggressive prosecution of bad actors under existing anti-fraud laws rather than imposing costly and largely ineffective procedural requirements on all public companies."
Author: Factor Quotes Category: Goals Quotes
"The PCAOB is an unaccountable, unconstitutional regulatory body. It's the poster child for the dangers of a runaway bureaucracy."
Author: Factor Quotes Category: Body Quotes
"The board is insulated in a wide range from any control from presidential oversight, from Congress."
Author: Factor Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"After completing our own due diligence, we voted both offers down unanimously, ... fair."
Author: Factor Quotes Category: Diligence Quotes

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