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Martin Dansky Quotes

10 Martin Dansky quotes:

"The key in composing any painting is without thinking how long trends will last, or worrying what style art books would classify them under. Now if someone finds the composition to be postmodern or not that's either their pleasure or their problem."
"Unbalanced pride is often a false friend, and is ruinous for egomaniacs who can't see beyond their choices of expressing art."
Author: Dansky Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"Nationhood is more likely to guarantee autocracy, decadence and corruption than real democracy."
Author: Dansky Quotes Category: Corruption Quotes
"Whoever says artists can't deal with corporate pressures because they have frail minds, is missing out on the potential the artistic mind has to boost company morale and increase productivity. Most artists would just as soon quit once they become conscious of their exploitation and that is a sign of strength not weakness."
Author: Dansky Quotes Category: Potential Quotes
"It still amazes me how many millions goes to discovering another star in the galaxies when, for all we know, we are still sitting on top of another undiscovered world beneath out feet."
"It is not only easier to find fault with another person than to examine one's own character, it is also tempting."
Author: Dansky Quotes Category: Character Quotes
"Those who have passed away must be in a happier state than those living. How we have been so self-centered as to think primarily in terms of the contrary."
Author: Dansky Quotes Category: Death Quotes
"Life is but a dream but to many a nightmare. It's what comes after and in between lives that's reality."
Author: Dansky Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"As far as living a solitary lifestyle, it takes just one person to dance alone."
Author: Dansky Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"For those that see subject matter in paintings as static are not only missing the story behind the work, they are mssing out on how form can be reinterpreted and how our use of composition and perspective has been altered as time goes on."
Author: Dansky Quotes Category: Work Quotes

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