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Abdul Sattar Quotes

16 Abdul Sattar quotes:

"Quite clearly, the (Afghan) government has collapsed,"
Author: Sattar Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"I can tell you with full responsibility that the hijackers have not entered Pakistan,"
"The government can't just sew together an outfit and dress the people up by force. We do not see ourselves or see our future in this draft, ... no."
Author: Sattar Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"We hope and we believe that both sides want to proceed based on what was built at Agra,"
Author: Sattar Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"It is really impossible for these people to go out and vote,"
Author: Sattar Quotes Category: People Quotes
"These tin-roof shelters are not good during either winters or summers. I have five children."
Author: Sattar Quotes Category: Children Quotes
"India's provocative violations of the line of control are escalating tension between the two countries,"
Author: Sattar Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"We are terribly saddened that a government and country that we have regarded as a neighbor, ... friend should use such language against a neighbor which is quite clearly in their mind, Pakistan."
Author: Sattar Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"We are ready to cooperate with any effort or good offices by the United Nations or the international community for reducing tension, preserving peace and promoting dialogue between the two countries,"
Author: Sattar Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"We hope that the two leaders will be forward-looking ... and try to identify a direction in which that will lead us to a solution acceptable to the Kashmiri people."
Author: Sattar Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"Of course, the assumption that Pakistan is in a position to exercise complete influence is flawed."
Author: Sattar Quotes Category: Exercise Quotes
"to step back and see that the best road to the future is through peaceful settlement of the disputes that exist between our two countries."
Author: Sattar Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"I can tell you with full responsibility that the hijackers have not entered Pakistan."
"More than 90 percent of Iraq's Shiites support the constitution, but not me."
"President Clinton has displayed unique qualities to bring parties in a conflict to the negotiating table, ... So we hope that his great qualities will be in play when he visits south Asia and he will exercise these qualities to bring Pakistan and India into a conflict resolution mode."
Author: Sattar Quotes Category: Conflict Quotes
"are in the present deployment condition, even an unintentional, even a small incident can spark a chain of events ... not in (the) interest of peace."
Author: Sattar Quotes Category: Events Quotes

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