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Robert Friedman Quotes

6 Robert Friedman quotes:

"For individual investors, this is probably the most optimal time to buy value stocks because growth stocks are so over-the-top expensive."
Author: Friedman Quotes Category: Growth Quotes Stocks Quotes
"They have a very fast growing variable annuity business that has not even been recognized in the market place, yet, ... It's just perceived as a stodgy property and casualty company."
Author: Friedman Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"We think the value universe has opened up some tremendous opportunities."
Author: Friedman Quotes Category: Universe Quotes
"That's a very direct contribution that we're trying to accomplish, underground the wires as much as we can do."
Author: Friedman Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"We've been saying from the beginning that we wanted to get the number of positions down. It waters down the portfolio too much."
Author: Friedman Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"It's a huge company. It can only grow at a certain rate."
Author: Friedman Quotes Category: Company Quotes

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