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David Wilkins Quotes

8 David Wilkins quotes:

"We are entering a positive, productive stage in our relationship. There is definitely a positive momentum affecting our relationship."
"At every level in Washington, people are talking about that and looking for . . . another secure document that would not inhibit or impede trade or legitimate travellers across our country."
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"Emotional press conferences are not going to settle the issue. Canada needs to come back to the table. We need to close the door, roll up our sleeves and negotiate as need be, with good faith, and bring finality to it."
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"Canada is playing a major role protecting freedom in that area of the world."
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"[Earlier this week, U.S. Ambassador David Wilkins effusively thanked Canada as well.] The aid pouring from all across Canada has been truly overwhelming, ... Many countries are offering help, nobody more so than Canada...You're at the top of the list and for that we will always be grateful."
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"To get that off the table ... is very positive and gives us a lot of momentum to work together in the future."
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"I understand fully Quebec's position, Canada's position and frustration on this issue of softwood lumber. You have valid points,"
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"will totally destroy your faith in democracy."

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