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25 Richard Clarke quotes:

"He's alive. And some of us had begun to doubt that because we hadn't received an audio or a videotape in 13 months."
Author: Clarke Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"I don't agree we've had a failure of intelligence. There's no basis for saying that,"
Author: Clarke Quotes Category: Failure Quotes
"You cannot explain failure any more than you can argue with success."
Author: Clarke Quotes Category: Failure Quotes
"It's a huge opportunity for Andrej and the Breakers. To be privy to their club environment, coaching strategies and training methods will be incredibly rewarding."
Author: Clarke Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"We want to provide the best possible entertainment for our fans and that means creating a winning team and maximizing their chances of success."
"I don't believe that the IT industry can't solve that problem."
Author: Clarke Quotes Category: Believe Quotes
"They don't get good information from [Secretary] Tom Ridge and the Homeland Security people. There's very bad communication, very bad messaging."
"The government is willing to be guided by the principle that it won't achieve IT security through regulation. Congress and the federal agencies should be discouraged from trying to craft IT regulation into law."
Author: Clarke Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"Now he never said, 'Make it up,' ... But the entire conversation left me in absolutely no doubt that George Bush wanted me to come back with a report that said Iraq did this."
"You may not be aware but in government departments, no one does any work on Friday and most offices are deserted by 2.30pm. Consequently, the OBO team can rest assured they are not throwing sand in the over-oiled mechanism of the civil service."
Author: Clarke Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"If you put all the unclassified information together, sometimes it adds up to something that ought to be classified."
Author: Clarke Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"We are aware now, over the course of the last two years, that several other nations have developed offensive information warfare units, organizations, tactics, doctrine and capability."
Author: Clarke Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"On behalf of President Bush, we invite your involvement in drafting a national plan for information technology security. We in this country continue to be targets, and we have to defend our cyberspace."
Author: Clarke Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"You should want the highest form of technology and security for your privacy information, and frankly, we don't have that today."
Author: Clarke Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"The real threat in Pakistan, is that someone on the inside, someone in the Pakistani military or intelligence service, might be cooperating with the terrorists. It has happened many times in Pakistan and it is very hard to protect against an inside threat."
"There's no iron law. But the law enforcement side, the intelligence side, will always want to eliminate the leadership."
"One who cares is one who listens."
Author: Clarke Quotes Category: Listening Quotes
"I've talked to a lot of state directors of homeland security, state officials, mayors, heads of big companies, and they all say they don't take it seriously,"
Author: Clarke Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"I'm sure when President Bush arrives there, there will be very special extra security measures because if any place is going to have an attack on the president, it is going to be Pakistan."
Author: Clarke Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"People downplay the importance of cyber-security, claiming that no one will ever die in a cyber-attack, but they're wrong, ... This is a serious threat."
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