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Trevor Rowe Quotes

6 Trevor Rowe quotes:

"This represents the opportunity to tap into the financial markets and transfer some of the risk involved to the financial markets which will assume it and give us a better opportunity to respond. There's the possibility of using this more imaginatively down the road."
Author: Rowe Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"The rest are silent emergencies — grinding poverty and chronic hunger that doesn't get seen on TV, ... And their needs tend to go unmet."
Author: Rowe Quotes Category: Hunger Quotes
"The fact that the tsunami struck a tourist region, and happened right after Christmas, played a role in terms of the generosity. We haven't witnessed that yet with the earthquake. Not at all. We need all the help we can get."
"If you're in the insurance industry, you want to be able to diversify your portfolio because that spreads your risk."
Author: Rowe Quotes Category: Risk Quotes Insurance Quotes
"Unless the international community renews its commitment to deal with the consequences of the food crisis in Niger, including the prevailing level of malnutrition, the country faces a second year of extreme suffering and hardship."
Author: Rowe Quotes Category: Commitment Quotes
"One of the big problems we have is every time we have a crisis, we have to go knocking on doors. It could take anywhere from two to four months from the time we get the money to the actual handing over of the food because you have to buy it, transport it, and distribute it. There's a delay in that."
Author: Rowe Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes

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