Ted Stevens Quotes

7 Ted Stevens quotes:

"I am guilty of asking the Senate for pork and proud of the Senate for giving it to me."
Author: Stevens Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"I am not opposed to intelligence reform on its face, but any changes should reflect the current context."
"The Defense Department is the largest consumer of oil in the federal government. We must develop our resources in the Coastal Plain to ensure we can meet our defense-related energy needs and reduce our dependence on unstable and unfriendly regimes."
Author: Stevens Quotes Category: Defense Quotes
"American dependence on foreign oil threatens our national security,"
Author: Stevens Quotes Category: Dependence Quotes
"We need to look into the overall structural relationship between the government and airlines."
"We ought to wait for the scientists to tell us what needs to be done,"
Author: Stevens Quotes Category: Scientists Quotes
"President Reagan achieved greatness in his life. Some might even argue he transcended it, ... He could not have accomplished this without Nancy."
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