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"Sir, you seem to be objecting to the level of my memory."
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"As Rome burned, Nero fiddled, ... ... The flames of hedonism, the flames of narcissism, the flames of self-centered morality are licking at the very foundations of our society, the family unit."
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"We have a president who's told the world, 'I am a liar, I am a perjurer.' I think that places this president in a very weak position and our nation at risk abroad. I await the Starr report because I'm more interested in what the evidence of obstruction is and not simply what the president wants us to believe."
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"I believe he should resign rather than bring further discredit on the House of Representatives,"
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"If in fact the U.N. through this effort ... moves in that direction, then I think it will make it more difficult perhaps for the U.N. to achieve the level of support that it would like to in Congress to further its legitimate goals,"
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"It is under assault as never before as a result of the mindset of 9/11, in which fear, rather than good public policy, has taken over. The Fourth Amendment says, I think quite clearly, that each of us is clothed in a sphere of privacy, and that the government cannot pierce that sphere of privacy unless it has a good reason for doing so."
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"That is true, I do object to the level of your memory, it's apparently pretty low,"
Author: Barr Quotes Category: Memory Quotes

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