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19 Mark Lanier quotes:

"You've got to punish them. You've got a chance to say this is how business is going to be done from now on out."
Author: Lanier Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"They say they heard you. Don't believe it."
Author: Lanier Quotes Category: Believe Quotes
"Chris has been involved in this litigation from the very beginning. He knows it extremely well."
Author: Lanier Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"I don't mince words. I speak bluntly, and I'll continue to do that. Remember, this is coming from a company that, in the last (New Jersey) trial, engaged in a shouting match with the judge. I promise I won't do any of that. We just need to be nice and polite - to the court, to the jury, to each other."
Author: Lanier Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"On a life-or-death drug, the marketing should be as transparent as glass. But it was as murky as seawater."
Author: Lanier Quotes Category: Death Quotes
"We've seen a decade of deception by Merck."
Author: Lanier Quotes Category: Deception Quotes
"I cannot entrust my clients to them, ... So I hope the MDL works well. I want to run alongside it and not frustrate it. But I also want to work my clients' cases. I can do that in state court."
Author: Lanier Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"Their motion is a diversion. I also think it's the pinnacle of hypocrisy."
Author: Lanier Quotes Category: Hypocrisy Quotes
"Traffic to our site has increased tremendously with the rapid growth of our firm and the opening of our New York office. We wanted to make sure that our site was offering visitors the most up-to-date information in the most user-friendly, state-of-the-art format. We hope that the new site will be a good resource for clients, potential clients, colleagues, and the news media."
Author: Lanier Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"This jury has sent a message out from the backyard of pharmaceutical land that they take their policing powers seriously."
Author: Lanier Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"Merck should come to the table and accept responsibility."
"From Merck's victories, I've leaned that you must tie their lawyers to the truth. They specialize in mudslinging."
Author: Lanier Quotes Category: Truth Quotes
"The jury saw the truth in black and white."
Author: Lanier Quotes Category: Truth Quotes
"This case is about folks trying to make money off of people in a desperate situation. That's not right. You come to people's rescue when they are in a desperate situation. You don't target them as something you can make money off of."
Author: Lanier Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"This is right. Justice is done, amen."
Author: Lanier Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"Seeger needs to give the closing of his life. I would have tried it differently. I would have made marketing the center issue of the case, and Chris chose to make causation the center issue. By closing arguments, our case was over. This case can go either way."
Author: Lanier Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"I don't mince words. I speak bluntly, and I'll continue to do that."
Author: Lanier Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"He and the clinic are working together to see how Eric can best save lives and best do his work as a doctor and a scientist. Those conversations are ongoing--and their conversations because Eric loves the Cleveland Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic loves Eric. He's not looking to get out of there even, he's trying to analyze his different options on what he wants to do in life."
Author: Lanier Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"[The jury awarded plaintiff Carol Ernst $243 million, though Texas law prevents her from collecting damages that high.] When the dust settles there will be $26.3 million at 10 percent interest annually, ... I'm not sure Ms. Ernst will see any of that for the next five years."
Author: Lanier Quotes Category: Law Quotes

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