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11 Lisa Stone quotes:

"These children have been through so much, and they're doing the best they can with what they have. I've been here just a short time, but it seems the kids are doing OK. They need time to be kids. So we let them."
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"Their senior players are just outstanding players. They're playing very, very well. They've got some confidence. The dark-horse (tag) really has come to fruition. I mean, they're playing great defense. ... And they're leaning on great perimeter play and a great post player inside."
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"is not a rubber stamp for whatever Congress does."
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"I'm basically here just to hold babies. I was at home folding laundry when I saw the news on TV, and I decided I could take care of these kids in the morning, then take care of my own at night."
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"That's a great basketball team. They're spectacular. They're senior-laden, well-coached - a very, very powerful team."
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"They're a powerful basketball team. We hung around for a while, but they're a powerful team."
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"it remains her wish to have Bankhead become a part of the UW team in the future."
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"It will be good for team building and bonding and to travel with the football team, ... Hopefully, it will be a trip to remember."
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"She is playing her heart out. I can't ask any more of her."
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"[In a move Stone favors, the NCAA has modified the women's rules for the preseason workouts, increasing the individual skills time from two hours to four hours per week and permitting more than four players to participate at a time with coaches, meaning full teams can go through drills.] I think it's a great thing, ... You can build chemistry."
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"She's putting all of her efforts right now in academics. Everything is into academics. She won't practice with us right now for a little while because everything is academic-oriented. She has a complete understanding of that and we want her back on the court."
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