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Joe Horn Quotes

10 Joe Horn quotes:

"We had chances to beat every football team we played. We just didn't."
Author: Horn Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"Believe that, ... Whether I'm in the NFL or in 10-15 years when I'm out of the NFL, no one's bigger than the NFL, and whoever the commissioner is he calls the shots, simple as that."
Author: Horn Quotes Category: Football Quotes NFL Quotes
"Under the circumstances with him coming in and playing for the first time, I think he did well."
Author: Horn Quotes Category: Circumstance Quotes
"Without a doubt, he's taking it hard. Not to mention the fact that he was going with the fourth group, and in his heart his skills were definitely higher, above that. But things happen for a reason."
Author: Horn Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"We´d rather play our home games here without a doubt because San Antonio wants us,"
Author: Horn Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"All people have asked of me was, 'Joe, please win football games for us. Give us some kind of hope,' ... And that is what makes us feel so good. It wasn't about who made plays or who did what. It was about winning that football game for the fans in New Orleans and around the world, because our fans are everywhere."
Author: Horn Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"Every week it's the same thing. I know that this football team can be whatever we want it to be. We've got the athletes here now to win a Super Bowl."
Author: Horn Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"We lost a football game that I felt we should have won."
Author: Horn Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"It's cool we're in New York, but don't get me wrong, the Giants are playing a home game. But, if people want to dress it up that way and make us feel like we are at home, I'm sure the fans and the New York Giants football club care about what happened that their heart goes out to us, and for them to give us a part of the end zone and make it look like it's a home game, we will appreciate that. But we're also not crazy in knowing that it's a home game for the Giants."
Author: Horn Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"He talked about the things he had seen, babies dying,"
Author: Horn Quotes Category: Babies Quotes

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