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12 Tim Hudson quotes:

"He should be a combination of a pitching coach, psychologist and friend."
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"There was a lot of stuff going on for me last year. New team, the contract, new baby ... it was a whirlwind last year. Things really seem a lot more settled now."
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"He's aggressive, but not impatient. As a pitcher, you hate those kind of hitters."
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"When he played, he had that clown reputation. There were a lot of guys like that, but he stood out. As a pitching coach, he's going to be awesome. He's personable, easygoing, and he seems excited to be here. It will be good. We don't need to work all the time."
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"It's something you'd have trouble noticing by yourself."
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"In higher-risk or more pristine areas, a spill means clean-up is short-term and residual effects are much less."
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"After the first game, listening to all the commentators, we might as well have packed things up. . . . I like our guys, too. We believe if our pitching takes off, we're going to be tough."
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"After the first game, listening to the commentators, you would have thought we might as well pack things up and head back to Atlanta. But I think we showed we're not too bad either."
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"We stabilize the folks police bring to us, whether it's by medication we prescribe or their own medication, so they can be released to a family member or go back to jail."
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"Obviously the performance wasn't too good. Just took me a little while to make the adjustments the first few innings. You know, I was just overthrowing, leaving the rubber a little too quick."
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"I think it's just stumbling out of the box from a pitching standpoint. We just have to get some confidence back. It's just executing, that's about it."
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"I usually hit doubles and homers, ... I didn't know whether I should turn left or right at second base."

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