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Ron Artest Quotes

9 Ron Artest quotes:

"It's like when you smoke cigarettes, you've got to take that nicotine patch and break that habit. We've got a habit of losing right now. We need to get, like, a nicotine winning patch. We've got to break that habit of losing, because it can become a habit. . . . We're working hard to break that habit."
Author: Artest Quotes Category: Habit Quotes
"That's gonna be fun, ... I love the tension. I love when everything's going wrong ... In the NBA, they don't promote guys like me. They like guys who like Cheerios, good guys. But I find a way to promote myself."
"Nah. I'm not looking to do that. I'm keeping the same perception."
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"(Music star) Jay Z, he pays millions of dollars for promotion, and I'm getting it for free."
Author: Artest Quotes Category: Music Quotes
"It's the first time in a long time that I've been complimented on my leadership skills. Partly it was my fault that I hadn't been complimented in the past. Maybe some people just weren't recognizing."
Author: Artest Quotes Category: Funny Quotes
"They both have a knack for making tough shots, and it kind of separates them from all the other players. They?re really quick, strong and can jump. So it separates them from all the other players that?s trying to get to where they are."
Author: Artest Quotes Category: Kindness Quotes
"I know him. He's a cool cat. I think he's from the 'hood. It's good he's showing us some support. I can't wait until he comes to Indiana. Indiana fans are looking forward to seeing him."
Author: Artest Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"I'm going to continue playing hard and out of control, like a wild animal that needs to be caged in. I'll let the referees handle it."
Author: Artest Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"We just have to see what we did back then, and see what we're doing now. We're going to have to finish the last games off strong. I felt pretty good out there. Right now we're not playing both ends of the floor each game, only sometimes."
Author: Artest Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes Nba Quotes

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