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"Anytime the Yankees are around, it seems like it's a more special environment. We've had some big games with the Yankees recently."
"I couldn't be in a better environment for us to achieve our goals, ... From everything from what Arte has committed to this organization, from the top down to the Minors couldn't be better. Nobody has a crystal ball, but I don't know if there is a better managerial job out there in baseball."
"He's pitched some good baseball against us, but that was probably the best game he's pitched against us. When his fastball was off he got his breaking ball over."
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"Coming up as a player, I was coached as much by another player as I was by a coach, and sometimes it carried more weight. We're all in this together. When they share thoughts, I think it makes us all better."
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"It is an aggressive baserunning play. I don't think it is one we're going to design unless you're Willie Mays Hayes."
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"It's written into the fabric of baseball that with games on the line that have bearing on the race, you try and put your best lineup out there."
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"We haven't played consistent baseball. Our offense has been spotty at times."
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"But we're not going to get there if we don't play better baseball."
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"To be blunt, we have to stop hanging breaking balls to him."
"I think it was a terrific effort against a good club and considering the circumstances of being in a pennant race."
"I really liked the way we had good situational hitting towards the back end of the game. Jose Molina, I don't know if he's had a bigger hit for us this year. That was huge."
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"If he helps us pitch three or four games and we win, it will keep the bullpen continuity, ... It carries a lot more weight than if he were to pitch one game on Wednesday."
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"It is something that we would welcome, but it is not an absolute necessity, ... does not have to hit home runs to be productive. What we need is for his production to get back to where it needs to be. He is one of the premier RBI guys in the last few years and we need that to re-emerge."
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"Nobody worked harder than Maz. I know he worked very, very hard at getting that team and their whole organization going in the right direction. But when it doesn't happen, you're accountable. That's the life of anybody who's in this position. If you're not moving the organization forward, they make you pass the baton to somebody else."
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"It makes sense to have [Guerrero] ahead of Garret, but that has failed to work out over the past couple of months, especially for Garret. This might help out some things."
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"We had a lot of guys in our 'pen step up. Kelvim just shined the whole night. That's one of the big reasons why we have him for depth down there, and tonight it certainly paid off."
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"Kelvim just shined the whole night, ... That gives us a big lift. It's one of the reasons we have him down there, for depth."
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"He was fine last night. He was a little stiff today and got some treatment."
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"A big night for him. He deserved it. He played hard here. He flew under the radar, with A-Rod and Griffey and Randy Johnson, but as far as that team's success, if you're going to point to one guy, you're going to point to Danny Wilson."
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"Our bullpen came through. Kelvim shined the whole night. Kelvim made some big pitches and gave us a big lift."
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