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28 Jim Leyland quotes:

"I doubt there's going to be anyone who pitches himself off the team. It's not a matter of statistics."
"Tremendous execution. A lot of good things happened on that play for us."
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"We need our veterans to set an example, like being the first ones there. A veteran is entitled to a bigger paycheck, but not a special set of rules."
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"I missed the trick. Some of them were jumping back [on grounders], and I don't blame them."
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"I think if you've got any common sense at all, you watched the way he worked in Spring Training and the way he got off the mound to field balls. If I were them, I'd watch. Kenny shouldn't have to go around and talk to them about it. All they should have to do is observe."
"I don't like to make rash decisions when you have something bad like that happen. You're better off to just take your time, don't panic, think it out and then make a decision."
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"This is just the perfect example of a very talented player with a lot of determination. He's a manager's dream-type player. Not only does he come to the park to beat the other team, but he does the little things to beat the other team. To a manager, he's a real delight."
"It was one of those days when they centered some balls off Kenny, and a few that didn't that found holes. That's what happened to us during our streak."
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"These guys were raised too good. Hey, I don't want guys who won't sign balls for a kid, or who give the front office (flak), or a guy who's not a good human being. I want good people representing the Detroit Tigers organization, too. But I want a different animal, which is the best way to put it. I want to see that mean streak when we go compete."
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"You gotta look at the other side of the coin. We got the (balls) up and had 11 runs or something and held them to three, then obviously, your pitching had to do a pretty decent job today."
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"He just got some balls up. He'll be fine. He's a young pitcher. He'll have growing pains - couple on, couple off. We can live with that."
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"We have a lot choices, and he's certainly one of those choices. Whoever's in that fifth spot is probably going to be a younger guy."
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"Jeremy was not going to see the middle of the order again, under any circumstances. You can't get caught up in that stuff. That's exactly why we got Todd Jones."
"Jeremy was not going to see the ninth inning under any circumstances. To me, that's why we got Todd Jones."
"The thing I'm happy about is he's in the strike zone hitting and he's doing one (heck) of a job with our pitchers. That's the thing I'm happiest about. I know he's going to get his hits, but right now he's handling that pitching perfect."
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"It starts with relationships in the clubhouse -- building camaraderie. I'm seeing that start to happen a little bit, and I like it. I want everybody talking to everybody, I want everybody kidding with everybody, I want everybody believing in everybody."
"He had nasty stuff. I'm very pleased. He's making progress."
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"If I was an infielder and I was having a little trouble, I'd at least say hello to the guy. If you're a major league outfielder and you've got Al Kaline and Andy Van Slyke standing there, I'd have to think you might have a question for them at some point."
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"What would you think about living in Detroit?"
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"He's working hard. He looks good. His frame of mind, I think, is real good. I'm real proud of him. I'm very happy with him."
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