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Chris Duffy Quotes

7 Chris Duffy quotes:

"Dave Ruth and I set this meeting up because the student leaders asked me to have it, and I'm glad we made it happen."
"It wasn't the usual Sunday game. We wanted to come out with a win."
Author: Duffy Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"I tried to sell it the best I could. I thought I did a pretty good job."
Author: Duffy Quotes Category: Sales Quotes Self-approval Quotes
"I kind of knew I stole it. I looked at the nearest umpire and he had the out sign, so I thought I sold it pretty good."
Author: Duffy Quotes Category: Kindness Quotes
"My whole body seemed to seize up on me in a full cramp. It was really scary."
Author: Duffy Quotes Category: Body Quotes
"I can't see myself play, but I guess the way I play the game really stands out. I didn't realize that. I've always just played the game the only way I know how to play it -- hard."
Author: Duffy Quotes Category: Sports Quotes
"I felt great, like I could have played the whole game, but I need some work recognizing breaking balls. After sitting out (for eight days), I felt a little off at the plate."
Author: Duffy Quotes Category: Balls Quotes

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