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Matt Cavanaugh Quotes

9 Matt Cavanaugh quotes:

"We probably should take some more shots down the field. We need to give those guys an opportunity, and Tyler's got to get the confidence that if he puts the ball up, his guy's going to go up and compete for it and come down with it."
"I really believe if we had won that game, we would have gone all the way."
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"We just have to convince (Collins) that there's activity at the position other than just throwing your big body at somebody to block him. But he's adapted to it pretty well. He's still working at it, but he's on track."
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"Obviously, getting the turnovers under control is a big thing for us this week. I think Tyler was embarrassed by some of the decision-making that went down in the Ohio game. Going on the road against a team like Nebraska that's getting a lot of scores off turnovers and is pressuring the quarterback, he's just got to make better decisions."
Author: Cavanaugh Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"Our receivers have to get back to some balls, and our line has to protect a little better. So there's a lot involved, but if we can go into this game and just cut down the turnovers, we'll have a chance."
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"I learned a lot the year we won the Super Bowl in Baltimore (with the Ravens). I made mistakes, but I'm also not usually someone who dwells on the great things that happen, either. I can be critical of myself and the people around me, and I want to improve all the time."
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"We've had a lot less mental mistakes than we had last year at this time, and I think they're starting to understand. A lot of the terminology is identical, with just a few changes, but there's better communication overall."
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"I learned the hard way that the college hash [marks] make it a much tougher throw. There's a lot that I'm still learning, and that was a prime example."
Author: Cavanaugh Quotes Category: College Quotes
"We have to get the turnovers under control. But it is more than just Tyler -- our receivers have to work back to some balls, our line has to protect a little better. But if we can cut down on turnovers against Nebraska we will have a chance. There are a lot of nuances about the college game that I have to learn as well. It's only two games so it is too early to press the panic button just yet."
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