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12 Albert Pujols quotes:

"I should get more hits. I hit a lot of balls hard, but I didn't get a lot of hits. That's the way it goes sometimes."
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"Everything wins in this game, ... This is not like the 162-game season. It's a short series, and we need to win any way we can."
"The last four years, I finished in the top five. This was my year. It's exciting. It's a great honor."
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"The best thing was the concentration that he had for the game. I still tell him, it was an honor and a pleasure to play with him. I wish he would have been around a little more, but I know when you have family and kids, your family is more important than this game."
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"It is a great honor to be here. I want to thank Hank Aaron for the intensity he has for this game and for this award. ... It is one of the greatest awards I have ever received. I wish I can hit half as many home runs as he hit."
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"The only way you win a Gold Glove [in the infield] is if you have a good first baseman. If I don't help them out, they don't win. I want them to feel confident that they can throw the ball anywhere and I'll get it."
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"This award is great. I wish I could trade it for the championship ring the White Sox are getting next year."
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"All I felt was me running, ... I would say it was the best base hit I ever got in my career. It doesn't get any better."
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"I know it's tough to come back from 3-1. But other teams have done it. We have the talent to do it, too."
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"That's why you practice for a month-and-a-half in spring training. To get ready for (days) like today."
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"I just did a little prayer, that I might be the last guy to make that out."
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"I had a treatment done right after the season because I wanted to get some of that pain away before I start in training in a couple of weeks,"
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