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Mike Minter Quotes

9 Mike Minter quotes:

"He's got that type of potential,"
Author: Minter Quotes Category: Potential Quotes
"It's going to be tough — he's been playing safety, and safety was tough for him. Now, moving him up, it's tougher to learn. He's got about three weeks to figure it out before the opening game. But my thing is, he's a football player. If he knows where to line up, he can go make plays."
Author: Minter Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"It looks like their offense has a little more spark with him because he's a guy they trust and open up the offense for. So I know we're going to see more than two tight ends and running the ball."
Author: Minter Quotes Category: Trust Quotes
"One of the reasons why is because everybody thinks Coach (John) Fox does it. Here is this (former) defensive coordinator (in Fox); he comes here and all of a sudden the defense is good. A lot of people just think that's what it is."
Author: Minter Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"I hate being on the sideline. If we're out there playing, I want to be out there playing. I don't want to be over there watching. That's the worst feeling in the world. Even in practice, I hate that."
Author: Minter Quotes Category: Hate Quotes
"There's no pain, that's a great sign. I went full speed and I was able to break on the ball and do things I normally do. So I feel like I will play."
Author: Minter Quotes Category: Pain Quotes
"We all clapped for him because we're excited to see him back. I know how much passion he has to come back and play. I look forward to seeing him like the old 48."
Author: Minter Quotes Category: Passion Quotes
"I told him after the game he's going to be a good quarterback. Why? Because he doesn't let bad things get him down. He came back and put two drives together with his legs and his arms. That shows me a lot about his character."
Author: Minter Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"The key is for him to catch some balls early. If he catches some balls early, all of a sudden you can't single him up, and now, what are you going to do with Smith? You can't double up everybody. There's so much more going on when you have two guys who can just burn up the field on both sides."
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