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"That was huge. Our defense has been doing that all year. Our defense definitely stepped up."
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"With their drive and desire to do something in history that's never been done, we know it's going to be a tough one."
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"Sometimes the balls were good and sometimes they came out dirty and wet. No excuses. They had the same balls we did. We didn't dominate the game, we didn't outplay them by much, but we came out with a win. . . . It's something you've got to deal with. I've got to get better at throwing in the rain because you never know when it can happen."
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"It's a big win for this organization, for everybody. Obviously, John was a great quarterback and they had great football teams. Hopefully, we can continue on and get people to start appreciating what we've got now. I think people are, I think they have been."
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"That's the big question that people are trying to figure out. I am, too. I'm just playing football. Five years ago, I prepared the same way."
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"One of our goals was to win the division. We won the division. We wanted to get a playoff game at home. We got a playoff game at home. Those are all steps toward our ultimate goal, to win it all. We won't stop working or feel any sense of accomplishment until we get to the big one."
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"I've been doing the same thing year in and year out, working hard to try to get here. We're here now, and I'm not going to analyze it and try to find an answer. I'm just going to go out and enjoy it."
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"Regardless of what I've done in the past, this is a big game, carrying a lot of pressure. We all know what's at stake here."
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"They have quality all around, so nothing really changes. We are going to game plan for whether those guys were there or not."
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"Someone has to account for him because he can cause you trouble."
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"He has taken them down the field many times when they are written off and they still get the victory. That is the sign of a great quarterback to me"
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"I'm already pretty financially set with what I've gotten there [in Arizona], ... For me, it's winning. Obviously the money will be there, but right the winning part is what I want to look at, which team is going to make that push, make that commitment to do anything and everything possible. Right now, these guys here, the Broncos, are showing me that's what they're geared for."
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"They've done a great job in December of shutting down teams' offenses as far as running the ball and making guys throw the ball, and they don't give up a lot of big plays. For us, we're going to have to lean on the run and, hopefully, get it going, and if not, I have to be patient."
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"The running game cranked up big time. It allowed us to do a lot of the things we want to do."
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"We've had good years and lost in the first round the past two years. We got a first-round bye, so that's not going to happen. We know we got a game at home and a good chance to win (here). We're not done working yet."
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"You never know with him. He?s a great coach - very smart, very good at game planning - and we know there is going to be something we haven?t seen. There will be some things that we probably have seen, but there will be something we haven?t, and hopefully we can react to it in the right way."
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