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Ken Salazar Quotes

14 Ken Salazar quotes:

"Our first priority must be to get the troops, our veterans and their families the health care and support they have earned."
Author: Salazar Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"I'm very pleased that progress is being made, ... I know the legislative process, and there's still a long way to go before we get to a final conclusion to this saga. But this is a significant step forward."
Author: Salazar Quotes Category: Progress Quotes
"I have repeatedly been in touch with the administration and the Japanese ambassador, and still no progress has been made. Now we must toughen our stance to encourage the Japanese government to open its markets or face consequences,"
Author: Salazar Quotes Category: Progress Quotes
"Here's how I put it to them, ... I said, 'I have no intention to run for governor. There are other candidates out there who can do a great job as governor of Colorado.'"
Author: Salazar Quotes Category: Intention Quotes
"I am happy to report Blue Sun has delivered on all its [emissions and performance] promises."
"the faith of a person should not be a consideration on their nomination or confirmation for any judicial position in the United States."
Author: Salazar Quotes Category: Faith Quotes
"I would hope that you join me in making sure that organizations like those that you are a member of commit to making sure no one, including senators, is attacked because of his or her faith,"
Author: Salazar Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"On principle, I am not opposed to selling U.S. Forest Service parcels, but I am troubled by the idea of doing it to fill a budgetary need."
Author: Salazar Quotes Category: Service Quotes
"At first glance, the President's mix of spending and spending cuts presents a fiscally tight budget. But, this proposal is ultimately what's wrong with Washington. The President is not being forthcoming about his budget or the booming deficit."
Author: Salazar Quotes Category: Budgets Quotes
"allow the clock of progress for our country, and in particular for women, to be turned back by diminishing the number of women on the court."
Author: Salazar Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"A year ago, the Energy Department forecast that gasoline would be selling for $1.80 a gallon, not the $3.12 a gallon that it was in Colorado yesterday, ... These continuing high prices will create economic havoc in Colorado's economy and across the country."
Author: Salazar Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"With leading research universities, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and private companies like Blue Sun working on developing alternative fuels, Colorado is poised to become an international leader in clean energy,"
Author: Salazar Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"While it is important to maintain a balanced approach to solving our nation's energy problems, we must commit ourselves to recognize some areas as 'off limits,' and the Artic National Wildlife Reserve is a national symbol of that commitment."
Author: Salazar Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"I think it is paramount that we take proper steps to ensure the safety of our food supply and domestic livestock herd."
Author: Salazar Quotes Category: Food Quotes

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