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Linda Sherry Quotes

5 Linda Sherry quotes:

"They'll let you know if somebody opens credit, so you can go out, backtrack, alert law enforcement authorities..."
Author: Sherry Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"I advocate staying with a company you like and trying to get them to be nicer to you."
Author: Sherry Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"We see a shift in the industry toward cards that give something back, because industry research shows that reward cardholders make more purchases, tend to use their rewards cards exclusively and are less likely to jump ship for lower-rate cards."
Author: Sherry Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"Basically, credit card companies can write their own rules."
Author: Sherry Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"A key thing to worry about on these cards is the expiration of the rebate. It can expire if you don't ask for it on some of the cards. So, that can be within even as short a time as six months."
Author: Sherry Quotes Category: Worry Quotes

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