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10 Adrian Beltre quotes:

"The way I'm hitting, I'd better make those plays. This year, I'm getting paid for my defense. I work hard at it, I take pride in it. In games like this, small plays make a difference."
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"take about 10 days where I don't think about baseball at all. Then I'm going to get ready to come back strong next year."
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"I guess it's not fun for them right now. But you don't want to be that team [that loses to them]."
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"To me, it was just something different. If Ojeda was hurt, I was up to do it. If we had tied the game, I was going to play short the next inning ... just something the team needed."
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"He picked me up, and that made me feel great, ... When I ran past him going back to the dugout, I tapped him on the arm to say thanks. I wanted him to know he had picked me up."
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"Everything he said was true. It's not hard to listen to the truth. It's something we needed to hear."
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"(Byrd) has always been that kind of pitcher, trying to trick you, keep the ball low, in and out. He threw a lot of strikes, worked it inside and out, threw breaking balls for strikes behind in the count."
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"I'm an immigrant myself. I'd probably support it, but I can't do much."
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"A lot of people expected a lot of things and they should. Sexson's probably doing better than what people think. I'm not doing close to what people think. But that's baseball."
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"[But the Twins opened the fifth with their second and third hits, and Beltre helped Hernandez by taking his bullet throw for a force at third on a bunt try.] I felt it, ... My only worry was that he didn't throw me a sinker. He threw hard, but a good fastball."
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