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Adam Roberts Quotes

6 Adam Roberts quotes:

"International courts are not a preferred option, but limited to cases where national justice is not available. In this case there seems sufficient reason to think that a national court can handle the matter."
Author: Roberts Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"I hate Miami. When I first got here, I didn't know about them, coming from New York. It's a hate game, it's a rivalry game. You've got to come with that."
Author: Roberts Quotes Category: Hate Quotes
"Two regular people have worked to make something miraculous happen."
Author: Roberts Quotes Category: People Quotes
"Scoop is a business person concerned with status, wealth and his place on the social ladder."
Author: Roberts Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"My father told me if you're a leader the first thing you want to do is lead by example, ... That's what I'm going to try to do with these guys because if they see me playing hard every day, flying around, flying to the ball on every play, they're going to do the same. It's just going to be contagious. If I'm being lazy, that's going to be contagious also so I just have to lead by example."
Author: Roberts Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"My first objective is to graduate. I definitely want to stay around the baseball field, maybe get into coaching and do it at the highest level I can."
Author: Roberts Quotes Category: Baseball Quotes

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