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8 Raul Ibanez quotes:

"He's a funny guy. He definitely likes to keep things light. He's a force in the lineup, too."
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"I think it's very important very important. We feel pressure a little bit with having to win some games, because we feel we are a better team than what we've been showing."
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"Ichiro changes your mind about what's possible."
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"He could dish it out like nobody, but he could take it too. He had that sarcastic sense of humor. When you first become his teammate, you see some things and wonder, 'Is he serious or is he joking?' He was always joking."
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"It's hard for me to watch them go through this. It's painful, really. It's a great baseball town. A great city. Loyal fans. And then to watch them go through this. ... You wouldn't wish this on your worst enemy, much less an organization that you respect and are fond of."
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"The last two years have been rough, but I know that we're headed in the right direction. We've brought in new personnel and we're improving ourselves. My family wants to be here. There's no place else I want to be."
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"He hit a home run off Paul Byrd to right-center field when we were playing against him. It's the farthest opposite-field home run I've ever seen a right-handed hitter hit at Safeco Field. It probably went 15 rows back. He did the bat flip and the whole thing. I got to second base later and he told me that was the first hit he ever had off Byrd."
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"That was awesome. That was really cool, getting to meet one of the great power pitchers in the history of the game."
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