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"We're in a situation now where we've got to take care of business with Howard and Frank Phillips. I would assume we need to probably win six games to really clinch it."
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"Basically, from here out, we control our own destiny. If we'll come out and play like we did those two games against New Mexico, I like our chances and I think we'll be in a good position."
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"We're in a position where we can control our own destiny. We don't need anybody to help us out. We've just got to win a series next weekend, finish up on the right note and get us to the post season."
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"The greatest thing in the world in baseball is you get to come out and play again the next day, or in our case 20 minutes later. Our kids really responded. We had the opportunity to split with the No. 1 team in the nation and kind of make a statement."
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"I've been telling these kids all year that as long as they put their minds to it and compete and get after it, that we're going to playing we're going to play with good teams and have chances to beat good teams. Howard's a good club, and New Mexico (Junior College) is a good club. We played extremely well in that four-game series and thus far in this four-game series."
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