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11 Livan Hernandez quotes:

"My career is very important to me, coming to the United States and playing baseball. I love baseball and like the competition. This is my job."
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"My mind and my body feel good. My knee is not 100 percent, but it's getting there. Day by day, I feel better."
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"I like the competition, ... I think you got to see that. Everybody knows me. I like to be in the game. I like to pitch."
"In baseball, you make one mistake, you can lose the game, ... One mistake."
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"This team is excited, ... You play baseball like that. A lot of teams, the Marlins play like that and enjoy the game. This team is the same way."
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"I'm getting old. I don't want to celebrate. I want to stay home and sleep."
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"The knee is going to be all right for the season. There's no hurt, last like year. Last year, sometimes I get out of the bed and feel pain."
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"The team is playing for first place in the wild card now, so we've got to keep fighting."
"I feel better than last year. I'm the kind of guy of what is in the past is in the past. I know I have good pitches. I know I feel good, because I did my job with the knee. I'm thinking more about this year than last year. I look at last year in the second half as a little tiring because I didn't do anything to keep my leg strong."
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"Nobody is perfect all the time. I felt very good tonight but I had lots of problems in the fist inning."
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"I think the guy on second base give the sign, ... I think, 2-0, normally people look for a fastball. It happens."
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