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12 Brian McCann quotes:

"That's baseball. You play the game and things aren't always going to go right or go your way."
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"You never expect to hit a home run off a guy like that, ... He's the best pitcher in baseball. He's been the best pitcher in baseball -- him and Smoltz. He's a first-ballot Hall of Famer. So this is something I won't forget."
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"We scored five runs and we had a chance to score more than that. That's just baseball. We just didn't get the job done tonight. That's the bottom line."
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"It was greatest moment I've ever had on the baseball field. Everything just felt right, and it was awesome."
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"Class AA is where you prove you can play, where you prove you can hit consistently good pitching. Everybody's good when you get to Double-A. Everybody can throw."
"What he's done in the minor leagues, they're Nintendo numbers. He's going to have a bright future in this game."
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"We all need to step up our games up for us to win a World Series. They're counting on a lot of guys who have been in the league for one or two years. All of us are going to play a big role on this team. Hopefully, we can come through."
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"The history behind him is greater than any pitcher I've faced. You don't expect to hit a home run against a guy like that."
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"It's an honor to be here and it's an honor to be on the team. Any time you can do something like this for the fans it's awesome."
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"That creates jobs because Ohio becomes a place where things can be moved around cheaply and more efficiently."
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"I felt great when the trade was made, but I also miss Johnny being around. He taught me a lot, so I have mixed feelings. He was great to me when he was here, but now I have to do it on my own."
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"That's the great thing about him. It doesn't matter if he's on the cover of Sports Illustrated or if he's struggling, he's the same person. That's a great quality to have."
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